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Improve your restaurant and amaze your clients with the new digital menu!

vMenu is the evolution of the menus in restaurants. Customers have an iPad, tablet or screen where they can view the dishes and even ordering.

Benefits for the restaurants
  • Revenues: Increase the average ticket more than 12% and 15% clientele.
  • Efficiency. Reduce the time used by the waiter in serve each table in more than 20%.
  • Avoid the frustration of the client to request dishes that are exhausted. It can be removed easily.
  • Save the cost of renewing the menu.
  • Ability to include advertising and increase revenue.
  • Social network advertising made by customers.
  • Better information and statistics.
Benefits for the client
  • Having the menu in your language.
  • Greater success in the election to have pictures before ordering.
  • Place orders without delay.
  • Additional information that will satisfy any customer's curiosity about the origin of food, recipe, calories, history, etc..
  • Reduced sense of waiting through the use of applications or newspapers.
  • Better service can apply for the account or call the waiter with a single click.
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