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Vloo Museum Touch

The 2.0 audioguide, touch screen and interactive.

  • The 2.0 audioguide with touch screen and interactive.
  • Innovative visitor experience.
  • Intuitive use.
  • All kinds of multimedia content (images, audio commentary, maps, texts, videos).
  • Simple and quick to fill with all kinds of content using a web manager from anywhere, anytime.
  • Ideal for regular updates, including temporary exhibitions.
  • Fully customizable, logos, colors, appearance,...
  • Ability to reuse the current contents and complement at any time.
  • Easy to carry and sturdy.
  • Also know Vloo Museum Classic
Vloo Museum touch
Características técnicas
  • 4.3 inch touch screen.
  • Battery life over 10 hours playing audio.
  • Intuitive and accessible by numbering.
  • Integrated speaker with excellent sound quality and ability to connect headphones.
  • Capacity for multiple languages.
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