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Vloo Museum

Vloo Museum is the most comprehensive audio guide system for museums and exhibitions who wish to have self-guided tours.

Avaible devices


  • Improve the perception of visitors passing through the facility.
  • Increases the quality of the visit by providing more information while enjoying the artwork.
  • Increases the time the information is remembered.
  • Screenwriting and treatment of their excellent and unique content, totally adapted to your needs.
  • Preparation of audio guides for different types of audiences: children, youth, elderly, people with disabilities...
  • High quality, innovative design and great technology.
  • Flexible and rapid deployment to minimize the cost at the start and easily expandable as your needs change.
  • Formulas that allow you to have the latest technology with the highest quality content without the need for initial investment and providing benefits.
La tecnología más innovadora

Most innovative technology

Garantía de tres años

Quality guaranteed for three years

Satisfacción garantizada

Satisfaction guaranteed fifteen days

Demostración gratuita

Request budget or information

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