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Vloo Visit

Improve the quality and productivity of your tours!

Visit Vloo is a radio-system through which visitors will hear the words of the guide even if they are in open spaces, there is background noise or discance. It consists of a transmitor, through which the guide will be narrating the information, and several receivers.

Vloo Visit
  • Allow attend larger number of visitor in the most natural and comfortable, without assuming an additional effort.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through clear communications between the guide and the group members.
  • Allow to do several tours simultaneously without interference.
  • Better service in open spaces or places where it is not possible to raise the voice.
La tecnología más innovadora

Most innovative technology

Garantía de tres años

Quality guaranteed for three years

Satisfacción garantizada

Satisfaction guaranteed fifteen days

Demostración gratuita

Request budget or information

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